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“Clarity within your vibrational energy helps you embrace the journey of your soul, giving you clear direction.” ― Debbie A. Anderson

You are never at the mercy of destiny; instead, your free will determines your fate. No matter what challenges you encounter, you always have options.

By analyzing your Vedic astrology chart, we will uncover your optimal path through all of life’s endeavors, including career, family, marriage, children, wealth, spirituality, and more.

Through ancient therapies with gemstones, crystals, colors, mantras, and chakras, we will synchronize your energy with cosmic forces to steer you through any storm and on to brighter days.

With this information, you’ll evolve spiritually and gain a deeper understanding of your soul’s special purpose in this life.


I specialize in providing astrological guidance in areas such as


  • Kundli Matching: Relationship & Compatibility
  • Finance & Career
  • Mangal Dosha & Kundli Dosha
  • Timing & Transits: Mahadasha Phala

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